Invite your MP to the 2022 Freedom of Religion or Belief Ministerial

The 2022 Freedom of Religion or Belief Ministerial (5-6 July) is a key global summit taking place in London to inform and equip MPs about the violence, injustice and oppression facing persecuted Christians and members of other religious minorities around the world.

You have a great opportunity to show your MP how important the issue of freedom of religion or belief (FoRB) is to you, and how vital it is for our persecuted brothers and sisters. Email your MP to ensure that they hear about growing trends of religious persecution and know how to respond. The drafted email will allow your MP to register for up-to-date information on Open Doors events at the Ministerial.

Open Doors will be hosting events on three important trends of persecution at the Ministerial:

1. West Africa Violence

2. Gender-specific religious persecution

3. Digital persecution

Why is this opportunity so important?

- All those responsible for FoRB around the world will be in attendance

- We can amplify the voices of our persecuted family and raise awareness of the suffering they face to those in positions of influence

- Opportunity for clear and specific policy outcomes to be discussed and agreed to

- We are praying it will strengthen FoRB as a key priority for UK Government.

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