Invite your MP to the World Watch List 2023 launch 

In already fragile states across the world, Christian minorities are subjected to unimaginable levels of targeted violence. Jihadist groups and others seek to destabilise Christian populations, using violence to force Christians to flee from their homes and lands, despite their desire to stay. 

But we can stand with our persecuted family by calling for action!

Now is the time for a united response to prevent tragedies of the past from being repeated. Invite your MP to the 2023 WWL parliamentary launch. This parliamentary event on 18 January 2023 will inform MPs about the 50 countries where following Jesus costs the most by presenting new research and first-hand accounts from persecuted Christians. It will also provide MPs with recommendations on what they can do to protect religious freedom.

At this time, it is even more important that we raise the issue of persecution of Christians to parliamentarians so that it doesn’t get ignored.

So, invite your MP today and stand with the persecuted church! 

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