Pastor Raymond Koh was publicly abducted two years ago in Malaysia.

The abduction was so brazen it was obvious that state agents were involved. Since then, a new government was elected and an inquiry opened into his disappearance. The results are now in: 

"The panel is of the unanimous view that Pastor Raymond Koh is a victim of an enforced disappearance...The direct and circumstantial evidence in the Pastor Raymond Koh’s case proves...that he was abducted by State agents, namely, the Special Branch, Bukit Aman, Kuala Lumpur."

This is a big deal! But it's just the beginning. 

Please build on this opportunity by urging the Malaysian Government to implement the recommendations of the Inquiry. 

Below is a letter for you to send to the Malaysian Deputy High Commissioner. To send it, please fill in your details and click 'send email'. You can either send the letter as it is or edit it beforehand. If you edit it please remember to stay polite at all times, not to mention anything negative about other religions and please do not mention Open Doors. 

Mohd Suhaimi
Malaysian High Commission

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