Invite your MP to the World Watch List 2022 launch 

Often, the news can be overwhelming. Indeed, for millions of persecuted Christians, daily life is a suffocating struggle. Our brothers and sisters are facing surveillance by the state in China, social exclusion in India, and violent extremism across West Africa and the Middle East.

But, in the midst of intensifying pressure, there is still hope – and you can be part of that hope today!

Our God is called Emmanuel – “God with us” (Matthew 1:23). God is strengthening the persecuted church in the face of challenging trials from China to Nigeria. Let’s partner with Him to advocate for our persecuted family: use your voice and civil freedom to fight for religious freedom to be protected across the world today.

Be part of hope!

Invite your MP to the World Watch List 2022 launch to be part of hope today. This parliamentary event on 19 January 2022 will inform MPs about the 50 countries where following Jesus costs the most by presenting new research and first-hand accounts from persecuted Christians. It will also provide MPs with recommendations on what they can do to protect religious freedom.

So, invite your MP today and be part of hope for the persecuted church!

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